MetronMind receives images sent from your DR system or captured with the innovative EponaCam system and automatically labels, rotates, and crops them. For images of the foot, it further calibrates the image and then automatically performs several important measurements.

Then use features of MetronMind to easily create a multi-page image-based report and post images and reports to www.MetronWebViewer.com for your clients or colleagues to view. You can even voice annotate your comments on images you post to the web viewer!


MetronMind uses neural networks trained by Deep Learning to understand images.


MetronMind recognizes radiographs of the horse and labels and rotates them - at human expert level!


A Work-Flow Network Appliance.

We help you configure your DR system to “DICOM-send” images to MetronMind — as if it were a PACs. MetronMind receives them, and automatically labels, rotates, crops, calibrates, and measures. In addition to receiving DICOM files, it also connects to EponaCam via Wi-Fi for superior hoof photos. It helps you raise your game and become an elite equine practitioner. Why not use the best tools - especially if they are tools that do a lot of the work for you?


Ai Powered to Empower You


We are hard at work on an exciting roadmap of more and more automated capabilities in the coming years. MetronMind will become more and more powerful as time goes on. We will be providing you with ‘IQ Updates’ for your system as we develop more and more powerful neural networks.


We can provide MetronMind pre-installed on a powerful PC, or let you purchase your own PC.


Leaders. We were the first veterinary imaging product with AI-based features — introduced at 2017 AAEP.


MetronMind Product

The video below shows MetronMind processing a received radiograph. Note the original radiograph is unlabeled, mis-oriented, and shows a collimator shadow that should be cropped. In addition to handling those things, MetronMind locates the scale marker in the hoof block, and then measures the anatomy. Although a total of 10 measures are computed, only two are shown graphically in this example. One is a measure of how well the DP radiograph was taken, and one is a measure useful for “medial-lateral balance” analysis. You must use Metron Blocks as your hoof blocks in order to enable the automatic calibration and measurement of the hoof. These are available as part of the “Hardware Kit”.